Making online tech approachable

*WordPress course for beginners
* LinkedIn Optimization Course
* Websites

WordPress training

WordPress course for non-tech beginners. Master your dashboard in a matter of days!

Website Builds

Custom Websites and Blogs for business, non-profits, or pleasure. You think it, we'll build it.

LinkedIn Optimization

Optimize your profile and maximize your connection strategy with Crushing It On Linkedin.

FREE WordPress Install Crash Course!

  • Two WordPress platforms explained
  • Why you need hosting & how to get it
  • All about domain names
  • How to connect your name and your host
  • Installing an SSL certificate
  • How to install WordPress
  • How to find your log in page


Making Sense of WordPress

Finally a WordPress course that’s truly for BEGINNERS!

You don’t need a tech degree to understand the lessons.

You don’t even have to know how to log in!

Imagine building total confidence in your dashboard so you can hit those blogging & income goals!!

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