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Recent projects & feedback to get the ideas flowing.

Stock Trading Website

Stock alerts reviewed

This stock trading website was for a client who has an existing trading site that’s earning him excellent affiliate commissions, but he was missing part of his potential market. 

My client’s primary objectives for the new site were to scale his income as well as appeal to newer traders. 

I suggested a more streamlined flow with clear messaging and easy-to-find resources. The front page design is specifically for beginners who are easily overwhelmed with confusing trade jargon and walls of text. 

Stock Alerts Reviewed is a place that’s colorful, fun, and easy to navigate. Prospective traders can feel comfortable perusing various resources that are both inspiring and informational. I placed compelling video content above the fold to engage them right away, and strategically used clear calls to action for the great free webinar that my client offers at the beginning of his sales funnel. 

"Already boosted my traffic and revenue about 10% thanks to the new site. Time on page is great for the new site compared to our other stock site. It's looking like it will be a great success. I've gotten $2500 worth of sales just today!"

Russell Barbour

Financial & Layoff Coaching

Layoffs Equal New Jobs

A financial layoff coach with an extraordinary vision asked for help creating an uplifting online space. With plenty of experience in the finance field — but new to coaching — she needed a strategy and design that would attract her ideal clients while avoiding the doom and gloom mindset that easily follows a job loss.

She felt very strongly that layoffs can be a chance for positive life changes and exciting new beginnings, and expressed that the word “journey” was a strong part of her desired message. 

We came up with a strategy to present a job loss as a positive pivot in one’s life, and I designed her site to convey a sense of hope and adventure. 

Recent Feedback

Stephanie has been an amazing WordPress developer for us. We have experience with some of the best in the business and Stephanie has regularly solved design problems on our sites that others in the industry could not address. She is superb to work with, fast, and delivers amazing results! We highly recommend Pacific Media Design if you need help with WordPress development of any kind.
Wesley Nolan
Stock Millionaires
I was looking for someone who created high quality and responsive WordPress websites. PMD was able to translate my ideas to create an amazingly responsive and clean looking website.
Stephanie kept in touch frequently and made changes in real time. The end product has had a positive impact on my business and is better than I had hoped!
Steffa M.
We hired PMD to build us a new website to add to our portfolio of online assets. The site is FANTASTIC from a technical point of view (fast efficient coding) and beautifully constructed.
Stephanie combines creativity with technical ability which is a rare combination for a website developer (in our experience). She is great at SEO and our site has already started attracting Google search traffic, which is unusual at such an early stage.
Stephanie understood our requirements quickly and even improved on our requests! The new site is likely to generate 5-figures a month for us
Russell B.
Stock Alerts Reviewed
After some brief messaging, Stephanie sent me a link and asked if she was on the right track with the ideas I gave. I reviewed the draft site and felt she pulled my thoughts into my vision before our initial meeting. A Wow moment!
Stephanie made herself available to answer questions, research possibilities and discuss suggestions that may be useful in the future as well. Stephanie and her team allowed my vision to become a reality.
Sherice Kidd
Financial Layoff Coach

First Impressions are Everything

Websites should be a work of art, both in function and form. Put your best professional foot forward and invest in your online first impression.
I Need a Website